Sound Absorption Foams

SonafoamProduct Use

Acoustic foams are used independently or with a variety of surface coatings to enhance their physical performance. They are used in fabric covered ‘PQ Panels’ for reverb absorbtion and also used in combination with barrier and damping materials to provide high performance noise treatment to engine bays for example.

Testing Standards

Acoustic foams are tested to AS1045 and using reverbertion times at frequencies from 100Hz to 5000Hz. The sound absorbtion coefficient is calculated from these results under guidelines set in the standard. Typical results for 29-32 kg/m3 density, open cell polyether polyurethane foam are as follows: Thickness 12mm – NRC 0.25*, Thickness 25mm – NRC 0.70*, Thickness 50mm – NRC 0.90*

Sonafoam is combustion modified and will not self ignite .

Sizes: 6, 12 and 25mm thick, 1400mm nom width.

Facings: Sonafoam can be supplied with fire resistant foil facing and also with a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing if required.

Surface shape: Sonafoam is typically supplied with a flat surface, however a 25mm thick version is available with a convoluted (egg crate) surface on one side. (Sonafoam 25C).

*Please note these results are typical for plain (unfaced) foams and results will differ if foil faced or laminated products are tested.