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Polyroll is Black or White low melt thermally bonded polyester in a wide range of densities and thicknesses to suit all noise absorption requirements

Features & Benefits

Safe, allergy free, non toxic and safe for dust sensitive occupants. Soft to touch and fast to install. Meets all quality standards. Long rolls makes install easy in most situations so saves time and labour cost.


Polyroll85/20 is the most widely specified and used polyester absorption material. Polyroll85/20 was also known as “Airport batts” specified by the Australian Govt; for the Sydney Aircraft Noise Insulation Project (S.A.N.I.P.) and installed in over 2000 houses, 20 Churches and 10 schools under the Sydney airport flight paths.
Sound Transmission Loss of Polyroll85/20 was
23.35 dB at     125Hz
39.19 dB at     315Hz
37.43 dB at     500Hz
When combined with a 6kg/m2 acoustic barrier in a ceiling void below a floor with 100mm timber joists at 450mm centres Polyroll85/20 achieved Rw41.

Polyroll85/20 is available in 10m long ROLLS 430mm wide to fit snugly between joists at 450mm centres or 580mm for 600mm centres.

Fire Resistant

Polyroll85/20 AS1530-3 Fire Test results
Ignitibility – 0
Spread of Flame – 0
Heat Evolved – 0
Smoke Developed – 1

A.W.T.A. textile testing N.A.T.A. Lab test report 7-443925-OV-C. 15.01.1993