Polyester Sound Batts

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Polyroll TM acoustic batts, white, 25% low melt 4 denier, 75% 6 denier, 51mm thermally bonded polyester absorption batts of various thicknesses and densities, Manufactured by Tontine Fibres, TSB, to ISO 9002 and/or Autex, ASB, in Australia

Features and Benefits

Ideal for use in walls, partitions and ceiling for good acoustic performance. Safe, allergy free, non toxic. Safe for dust sensitive occupants. Soft to touch, fast to install. Meets all quality and acoustic standards. Foil faced available at extra cost.


16500 linealmm rolls or 2700mm batts


610mm rolls in packs of 2, batts in packs of 10

Insulfleece 80% 90/10 New Australian Wool 7.5m Roll NRC0.75 7.5m x 430mm 3.2 $76.40
Insulfleece 80% 90/10 Roll Pack New Australian Wool 3 Rolls NRC0.75 3 x 7.5m x 430mm 9.6 $229.00
Insulfleece 80% 90/10 New Australian Wool 7.5m Roll NRC0.75 7.5m x 580mm 4.3 $99.00
Insulfleece 80% 90/10 New Australian Wool 2 Rolls NRC0.75 2 x 7.5m x 580mm 8.7 $198.00
* Depending upon lining

Fire Resistant

AS 1530.3 Fire Test Results;-
Ignitability – 0
Spread of Flame – 0
Heat Evolved – 0
Smoke Developed – 0-1

AWTA Textile Testing N.A.T.A. Lab test report 7-443925-OV-C, 15.01.93

BS 5803.4 Fire Test Results;-
On no occasion does any flame or melting extend to within 25mm of any part of the timber surround.

AWTA – N.A.T.A. Lab Report 7-476502-BN, 11.06.98