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ALLWEATHER DUCT LAGNoisebar ALLWEATHER DUCT LAG attenuates noise from exposed air conditioning, pump, fan coil units, ventilation fans and all other plant and in outdoor situations exposed to all weather conditions.

Noisebar ALLWEATHER DUCT LAG is a 25mm convoluted polyurethane absorption foam which is naturally hydrolysis resistant and therefore suitable for moist areas where condensation or rain may be present. The foam is combustion modified so will not self ignite. This is laminated to a 5kg/m2 foil faced acoustic barrier fire tested to AS1530-3;- which in turn is laminated to an ultra high performance zero permeability aluminium cladding for heavy-duty all weather mechanical protection.


Supplied in rolls 1350 x 3000mm.
Convoluted foam/5kg/m2 foil faced barrier tested to Rw26* single wrap over duct, with
additional Inexpensive and easy to cut and install with PQ insulation pins and clips.
aluminium cladding this could increase to Rw28 (untested)

*Rw rating is a single number summarizing the transmission loss of a material over frequency range from 100 to 3.15 kHzAS/NZS1276.1:1999.