Mechanical Noise Absorption

Absorption FoamThe Problem

Noise from heavy machinery, mechanical plant, air conditioners and compressors, disturb workers and neighbours
Mechanical noise from machinery can be a health hazard in work places

The Solution

Noisesorb™ Mechanical Noise Absorption Panels.
NoiseSorb is a closed cell polyethylene foam which has cells that are subsequently opened through the manufacturing process resulting ina highly effective sound absorption material. NoiseSorb all weather noise absorption panels are rigid self supporting foam which is easy to cut and install on-site indoors and outdoors.

NoiseSorb Specifications:

Soundrating: NRC0.65

Freqency (Hz) Sound Absorption Coefficients
125 0.17
250 0.53
500 0.53
1000 0.70
1250 0.66
2000 0.82
2500 0.97
5000 0.78