Magnetite PQ

The Solution for Comfortable Living

MagnetiteYour home is your sanctuary but there are many factors that can reduce the quality of your living environment and the ability to enjoy a healthy and stress free lifestyle. Windows are an important design feature of your home; they add natural light, views, and a connection with the outside environment. However, windows can also be one of the greatest contributors of heat, cold and noise in a home.

Our retrofit double-glazing system improves the whole of window performance for your home by addressing the glass, frame, and seals. Installing Magnetite is a three-tier solution for comfortable living – it will remove outside noise, enhance your thermal comfort and increase your energy efficiency. Magnetite is tailored to your needs and we customise our solution to solve the specific acoustic and thermal insulation requirements of your home.

Magnetite’s retrofit double-glazing system is ideal for residential applications:

  • Heritage and Period Homes
  • Strata Units and Apartments
  • High Density Urban Areas
  • Hot and Cold Climates

How Does Magnetite Fit to Existing Windows?

Magnetite is a retrofit double-glazing system that does not require structural changes or replacement windows. We attach a clear optical grade acrylic panel to the inside of your existing window by using a continuous magnetic edging, which creates an airtight seal with the subframe. As a result, an air cavity is created between the acrylic and the glass. The air cavity and seal acts as an insulation barrier against noise and temperature. 0ur subframe is foam PVC and attaches to any existing window frame – timber, aluminum or steel.

Why Use Magnetite?

Noise Reduction: Reduce Noise by up to 70%

Noise In residential areas can cause sleep loss, stress, poor health, and an unpleasant home environment. Whether it is from traffic, aircrafts, construction, hotels or neighbours, Magnetite’s retrofit double glazing can minimise noise travelling through your windows. As a secondary window system we are able to create a large air cavity to buffer against noise and our magnetic seals reduce draughts, which conduct noise. This creates a home free from outside distractions and disturbance.

Thermal Comfort: Stay Coot in Summer and Warm in Winter

Natural light and bright rooms encourage general well being and a connection with the outdoor environment. Unfortunately windows can be the largest source of heat loss and heat gain in any home. Magnetite’s optical grade acrylic glazing is up to six times more thermally efficient than glass. Installing our retrofit product ensures a comfortable indoor temperature all year round.

Energy Efficiency: Windows That Perform for You and the Environment

A sustainable and environmentally friendly home relies on the pedormance of its windows. Double glazing creates a greener home. Using less energy on artificial heating and cooling reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced, and by conserving energy usage you will save money on energy bills. Retrofitting is a popular choice for sustainable living because it has a lower impact on the environment by using existing materials instead of replacement windows that create waste.