Impact Noise Absorption

The Problem

Impact noise, footfall, on floors above disturb residents and workers below.

The Solution

Footsteps on floating timber floors and especially tiled floors can be more than irritating in residencies and a health hazard in work places. NoiseSorb white 3mm LDPE foam under floating floors OR NoiseSorb charcoal 5mm PE foam under tiled floors isolates impact noise to bring “peace & quiet” below.

Floating Timber Floors

Impact Noise Absorption Timber Floors

LDPE foam underlay, 3mm thick white foam applied over concrete, under floating timber or laminate floors. Hold joins together in position with a squiggle of construction glue. Turn up around all perimeter walls to isolate floor from walls, 3mm x 1250mm x 50m or 100m.

Field test result;- L’nT, w+C1 = 49


Hard Surface Floors

Impact Noise Absorption Timber Floors

PE foam underlay, 5mm thick charcoal foam applied to plain concrete or over waterproof membrane on concrete with suitable glue, over all tiled and wet areas (Refer AS 3740). Run edge strip up all perimeter walls to isolate tiling from structure. 5mm x 1m x 50m.

Field test result;- L’nT,w+C1 = 44