Darling Harbour Apartments Case Study

Apartment Buildings

Bringing “peace and quiet” to residents in these luxury
harbourside apartments.

Peace & Quiet supplied and installed Noisebar5 ACOUSTIC PIPE LAG to all PVC Waste pipes in habitable areas in this Darling Harbour finger wharf project of 221 apartments. Noisebar5 combines 25mm convoluted acoustic foam with high performance 5kg/m2 loaded polymer barrier, foil faced in precut “Flatpacks”. These precut flatpacks for straights, bends, junctions, traps and gullies are very quick and easy to fit. This saves labour time and cost.

PVC Pipe plus Noisebar5 lag achieves Rw30 and Rw+Ctr 25, Rw (C;Ctr) 63 (-2; -7)
PVC Pipe plus Noisebar5 lag plus 10mm plasterboard bulkhead achieves Rw45 and Rw+Ctr 40, Rw (C;Ctr) 67 (-3; -8)