Peace & Quiet Group Pty Ltd was established in 1991 and now have offices in Sydney and Melbourne and agent/installers in Newcastle, Brisbane and Canberra. Through the 1990s Peace & Quiet insulated some 2400 houses, 20 churches and 10 schools in the Commonwealth Government’s Sydney Aircraft Noise Insulation Project ( S.A.N.I.P.)

Peace & Quiet have subcontract installers who are licenced builders with long term experience installing acoustic insulation to Architects and Acoustic Engineers specifications. Peace & Quiet Insulation now supplies Australia’s widest range of acoustic insulation materials. If P&Q does not have your acoustic materials requirements readily available we search for them and supply at the lowest possible cost.

Peace & Quiet Solutions

Peace & Quiet Materials

  • Insulfleece™ New Australian WOOL insulation absorbs noise more effectively than most man made fibres.
  • Polyroll™ and Tontine Fibres® POLYESTER are available in a wide range of ticknesses and densities. Both are safe, non allergenic and fire rated to AS1530/3
  • Noisebar™ is an Australian owned and manufactured ACOUSTIC BARRIER
  • MAGNETITE® secondary window panels and LORIENT® acoustic door and window seals effectively reduce noise transmission through existing windows and doors.
  • Waste pipes, air conditioning ducts and plant enclosures can be lagged with Noisebar 5 to reduce noise and meet BCA standards
  • Internal environment noise and reverb can be absorbed with fabric covered PQ Panels or convoluted absorption FOAMS