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Peace & Quiet Insulation Pty Ltd supply and Install Australia’s widest range of noise insulation materials to attenuate noise in all new and existing buildings to architects and acoustic engineers specifications and to builders requirements

Peace & Quiet Solutions

Peace & Quiet Materials

  • Insulfleece™ New Australian WOOL insulation absorbs noise more effectively than most man made fibres.
  • Polyroll™ and Tontine Fibres® POLYESTER are available in a wide range of ticknesses and densities. Both are safe, non allergenic and fire rated to AS1530/3
  • Noisebar™ is an Australian owned and manufactured ACOUSTIC BARRIER
  • MAGNETITE® secondary window panels and LORIENT® acoustic door and window seals effectively reduce noise transmission through existing windows and doors.
  • Waste pipes, air conditioning ducts and plant enclosures can be lagged with Noisebar 5 to reduce noise and meet BCA standards
  • Internal environment noise and reverb can be absorbed with fabric covered PQ Panels or convoluted absorption FOAMS